Frequently Asked Questions

How much do your programs cost?

Programs administered by CaPSS are free. They are funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Security.

Am I eligible to attend?

If you are able to attend programs in our geographical area, and have children aged 0-12 you are eligible for group programs and pop-ups.

To be eligible for individualised support parents must:

  • Live in an eligible locality,
  • Be parenting a child or children aged 0 – 12 years, and
  • Require support with parenting issues.

You can be referred to this program by other service providers, or self refer by registering your interest.

How can I be referred to a group program or popup?

You don’t need a referral to attend our group programs and pop-up events /workshops. You can register/enquire online here.

How can I be referred for Individual Case Management?

You can be referred for Individual Case management by a service provider you are working with, or you can enquire through CaPSS directly by completing our online registration. We will get in touch with you to complete the referral.

What are my rights and responsibilities?

Understanding your rights and responsibilities as a client of CaPSS is important and central to our work. You can find out more here.

Are my details private?

Your personal information is protected by law, including by the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988.

More information about our privacy policies is available here.

Are interpreters available?

Yes, please just ask your parenting support worker, or contact us.

I have really benefited from this service. How can I leave feedback?

Find out about providing feedback here.

How can I make a complaint?

You can provide feedback or make a complaint by following these steps.

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