What is CaPSS?

The Children and Parenting Support Service (CaPSS) is part of The Salvation Army Social Housing and Support (SASHS) Network and operates in specific locations in the Cities of Wyndham and Melton.  CaPSS is delivered within the Australian Government’s Families and Communities Program (Department of Social Services) which aims to support families, strengthen relationships, improve the wellbeing of children and young people, and increase participation in community life to enhance family and community functioning.

CaPSS aims to actively support parents in their parenting role to achieve better outcomes for children, young people and families.  Specifically, CaPSS is seeking to increase the likelihood that vulnerable families are on a trajectory of positive child, adult and family outcomes through the provision of services and supports that:

  • Complement community activities and programs for families and children;
  • Build upon platforms of local universal and secondary services to deliver focussed programs designed to strengthen the capacity of parents to promote their children’s health, wellbeing, learning and development;
  • Include targeted individualised parenting support and outreach for families who require additional assistance;
  • Are culturally and contextually responsive to the diverse needs of families – including those from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, indigenous families, families experiencing social isolation and/or economic difficulties, diverse households, and others.

CaPSS is a multi-faceted program providing services and supports utilising a range of modalities.  These include:

  • Group parenting skills programs;
  • Parent/child interaction activities;
  • Facilitated peer-to-peer parent support groups;
  • Individualised parenting support interventions.

The focus of CaPSS work is upon strengthening family protective factors such as resilience and optimism; social connectedness; social and emotional competence; and supportive, caring parenting.  We utilise strengths-based and person-centred approaches supporting people to increase personal agency and self-efficacy and to solve their own problems.  CaPSS operates within a two-generational perspective – promoting the growth, development, health, learning and wellbeing of children by developing the capabilities and resources of parents, thereby, supporting parents in their parenting roles to achieve more positive outcomes for children.



Who CaPSS works with

CaPSS works with families who may be vulnerable to future problems or who may be at risk of not being able to meet their children’s needs.  CaPSS is linked with other Victorian initiatives supporting vulnerable and disadvantaged children and families.

If you would like to further discuss the service, a particular program or a client’s eligibilty, please contact us.

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